Clean Eatz Menu

The Arnold Steak Bowl- (CAL: 390 - 14g fat - 38g carb- 28g protein) - Steak, green peppers and mushrooms over brown rice with mozzarella cheese and Clean Eatz Buffalo Sauce.

5-Cheese Chicken Parm - (Calories: 360 Fat 6g Carbs 42g Protein 35g) - Chicken over whole wheat pasta with marinara and a 5-cheese blend

BBQ Chicken Alfredo - (Calories: 470 Fat 7g Carbs 65g Protein 36g) - BBQ chicken with peppers and onions over pasta in alfredo sauce

Brisket w/ Spicy Mac & Cheese - (Calories: 470 Fat 22g Carbs 40g Protein 27g) - Slow-smoked, sliced brisket with spicy mac and cheese

Cowboy Shepherds Pie - (Calories: 350 Fat 11g Carbs 35g Protein 27g) - Shredded beef over mashed potatoes with corn, onion straws, cheese and bbq sauce

 Kung Pao Chicken - (Calories: 500 Fat 20g Carbs 58g Protein 22g) - Chicken in sweet chili sauce with veggies and peanuts over white rice

Street Corn Chicken - (Calories: 360 Fat 7g Carbs 46g Protein 28g) - Chicken with creamy, Mexican corn and red potatoes

 Caprese Chicken Pasta - (Calories: 480 Fat 19g Carbs 40g Protein 37g) - Pesto chicken over pasta with diced tomatoes, mozzarella, and balsamic

Chicken Adobo - (Cal 440  F 9g/C 40g/P 42g) - Chicken, corn and peppers in an adobo sauce over an ancient grains blend

Chicken Dip’n Bowl - (Calories: 460 Fat 15g Carbs 52g Protein 30g) - Chicken in honey mustard over waffle fries with bread and butter pickles and diced tomatoes

Lemon Herb Chicken - (Calories: 360 Fat 14g Carbs 32g Protein 31g ) - Chicken breast in a lemon cream sauce over ancient grains with asparagus

Pita Popper - (Calories: 510 Fat 25g Carbs 44g Protein 27g) - Beef strips in a spicy jalapeno sauce with fried pickles, green onions, and cheese in a pita

Spicy Queso Beef Bowl - (Calories: 340 Fat 10g Carbs 35g Protein 28g) - Shredded beef, onions, peppers, and jalapenos in queso over brown rice

Chicken and the Egg - (Calories: 331 Fat 18g Carbs 38g Protein 20g) - Popcorn chicken over an egg omelette with hashbrowns and shredded cheese

Chicken & Egg Biscuit - (Cal 530  F 25g/C 52g/P 25) - Popcorn chicken and egg omelette with gravy on a biscuit

Pepper Jack Beef Breakfast Bowl - (Cal 320  F 16g/C 20g/P 24) - Veggie omelette with shredded beef, peppers, onions, potatoes and pepper jack cheese

Keto Buffalo Chicken - (Cal 432  F 28g/C 9g/P 36g) - Buffalo chicken with cheese and ranch over broccoli

Keto Chicken Lasagna - (Cal 400  F 24g/C 11g/P 35g) - Chicken in marinara with ricotta and mozzarella cheese over green beans

Keto Chicken Bacon Alfredo - (Cal 356  F 20g/C 12g/P 32g) - Chicken in alfredo sauce over broccoli with bacon bits, parmesan cheese, and parsley

Keto Meatlovers Pizza  - (Cal 319 F 17g/C 16g/P 26g) - Ground beef, sausage, pepperoni and bacon in tomato sauce with cheese over broccoli

Keto Pad Thai - (Cal 404  F 20g/C 15g/P 41g) - Chicken in a Thai peanut sauce over asian veggies

Keto Shredded Beef- (Cal 300  F 28g/C 14g/P 34g) - Shredded steak served with cheesy cauliflower and onion straws